Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Celebrating the City's Best Restaurants

Cincinnati Magazine's Top 10 Restaurants give a taste of how they got there.

Pastry Chef Megan Ketover and
Executive Chef Todd Kelly of Orchids at Palm Court
      Every March we look forward to checking out who made the list of top restaurants in our city.  That roster has been the pleasurable, and sometimes uneasy, task of Donna Covrett as the Dining Editor for CIncinnati Magazine.  For many years the names coincided with the area's most expensive establishments, but over the past couple of years the playing
field has opened up to all creative chefs with a passion for gastronomy.  Eating habits constantly change and this year's picks certainly reflect the best for the current trends.   

      To share their culinary talents with the city, the honored restaurants did a tasting at Cowan's Auctions, incorporating some exemplary treats with a backdrop of extraordinary decorative art pieces. Cowan's is the premiere antique auction house in the city and has clientele that encircle the globe.  

You can check their Cowan's auction listings and times at:

Check out our reviews on the Top 10 Restaurants.  In case you haven't seen CIncinnati Magazine's list for 2013, here it is:

Red Snapper from Orchids

1.   Orchids at Palm Court
5.   Abigail Street
Tiramisu from Via Vite
7.   Via Vite
8.   Dutch's Larder
9.   Bouquet
10. Eli's BBQ
Eli's BBQ Sandwich

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