Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Experience Eli's BBQ In Its Entirety

      Every time a new BBQ place opens my reaction is "do we really need another one"?  And when I start hearing a buzz about it, I think "really"?  So Louie and I set out to give Eli's BBQ the test as we had done so many times when we were traveling around the U.S. together on photo shoots and would seek out local BBQ joints.  

      I had a heads up from the previous weekend when Mary Beth brought Eli's pulled pork to a gathering.  It was of high quality with little fat and had a smoked aroma surrounding it.  The sauce was both tangy and sweet.  I had seconds.

Eli's—A Contemporary BBQ Joint

      Eli's is located on a section of Riverside Drive that is just starting to take off.  With ample off-street parking, it is poised to
be an anchor for that area.  The pleasant space is spared down and spruced up with lots of bygone ambience.  The music comes from vinyls on a record player.  The simple menu is on a large blackboard at the counter.  The choices are sandwiches, ribs, sides and drinks. 

Pulled Pork Sandwich with
Cheese Macaroni and the Best Baked Beans
      Louie and I both decided on the pulled pork with two sides (the plate) of cheese macaroni and the "best" baked beans.  One should always be careful when making such a claim.  That's a lot to live up to.  The easiest description of the sides would be creamy.  I'm not sure the baked beans were the best, but they did have a velvet-like consistency and lots of rich flavor.  The cheese macaroni was a simple concoction of the two ingredients.  I would guess there was little more added to them.  We asked for our slaw (traditionally topping the pork sandwich) to be served on the side.  It too was creamy and sweet.

      For me, Eli's is best experienced at the restaurant.  Taking it off the premises I didn't get the full effect of a BBQ joint with its friendly cast, period music, and down home spirit.  One note to self...it's cash only.

Eli's BBQ on Urbanspoon

I wish the guys would have brought me some of the sauce.  I think I may have liked it!


Cincinnati Bites said...

Great post, guys. I particularly enjoyed the second photo. The items are nicely arranged and mouth-watering --it belongs in a magazine!

Who is Dexter? said...

Thanks for the compliments! We're lucky to have Neil as our art director.