Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thanks Madonna (after a difficult month)

Madonna's Grand Entrance
      Madonna’s epic narcissism has been on ugly display since winning the Golden Globe for best song.  When does Mary J. Blige get the respect she deserves?  Madonna went on to slam Lady Gaga, who had the greater maturity not to
respond.  Oh well, like the boasts of Muhammad Ali in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Madonna threw down for the Super Bowl XLVI Half Time show and she more than delivered.

Multi-screen Field of "Vogue"
Not only did she emphasize technology with a great field screen, but she honored both the past with her Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra entrance and the icons named in “Vogue”, but she pointed to the
Madonna and Nicki Minaj
future by featuring Nicki Minaj (always fun), MIA, Cee-Lo, and LMFAO.  It was the best half-time since U2 performed in 2002.

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