Monday, March 11, 2013

Brunch at Nada

Yeah, we finally said, “Uncle!”

Dexter Preferred the Outdoor Dining Area
     Nada has been the hot ticket ‘Mexican’-style restaurant in the area since it opened.  We went a few years ago for lunch and felt rooked by the server, who neglected to tell us that the guacamole he suggested was $12.  We said we wouldn’t
go back, but various friends have liked it in the interim and it was a beautiful day and it’s generally been in the Top 10 for critics or patrons, so we thought we needed to get over it.  The guacamole hasn’t gone up in price, though we didn’t order it today from our server, who was much more forthcoming and shared some excellent suggestions.

One of the Many Indoor Dining Areas at Nada
     Nada is in a prime spot, right next to the Aronoff Center, with outdoor dining looking out at the Contemporary Arts Center and the 21c Hotel. The semi-circular staircase is a great focal point for the interior with its different dining areas and Mexican influenced art.  It’s still a ‘scene and be seen’ restaurant that’s busy, though our server never rushed us.
Sparkling Grapefruit
and Peach Fuzz
It’s well known for its original and classic drinks so Neil and I thought we’d try them.  He had the Peach Fuzz that consisted of rum, peach nectar, and pineapple juice.  It was a large serving (about three times the size of mine), but very refreshing.  I ordered the Sparkling Grapefruit, made of champagne and grapefruit juice.  It had a nice tang.

Mexican Mac 'n' Cheese

     As I said, we didn’t order the guacamole, but we decided to share the Mexican Mac ‘n’ Cheese.  The poblano peppers lent heat to the dish.  Neil and Lisa liked it.  I enjoyed the flavor, but I prefer a thicker sauce.

Carnitas Tamal
Lisa ordered the Carnitas Tamal with braised pork, pickled onion, guacamole, and sweet corn tamal.  It was a pretty presentation and, though Lisa liked it, I don’t think she loved it.  Neil had the Tinga & Eggs Cazuela with braised chicken,
Tinga & Eggs Cazuela
a spicy tomato sauce that had ground chorizo sausage in it with a fried egg on top and rice and tortillas on the side.  Again, it was well presented and I liked the taste, but it was almost too spicy for Neil.
Egg & Chorizo Enchiladas

I enjoyed the Egg & Chorizo Enchiladas, though the chorizo was actually a ground, rather than sliced or pulled, sausage.  The consistency was a little too much like McDonald’s breakfast burrito for a higher end restaurant like this one.   The Diablo salsa reminded me of Italian diavolo sauce; it seemed like it may have been re-named.  

Warm Chocolate Torte
     When asked about dessert, we thought, “Oh, why not?”  We shared the Warm Chocolate Torte, which wasn’t a molten cake, but had an attractive bitter edge, with homemade bananas foster gelato and a lovely rum caramel sauce.  It was a good ending note to a very enjoyable meal.
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