Friday, March 15, 2013

Silverton Donut Shop

What used to be a Pleasant Ridge icon 
is now Silverton's asset

      Chatting with Heather (The Food Hussy), we came across a mutual admiration for the Silverton Donut Shop.  A Pleasant Ridge fixture for many years (some of you may remember it as the Pleasant Ridge Donut Shop), it moved to Silverton with the expansion of the UDF on Ridge Rd.  That was a sad day for
PR, as there aren't that many local bakeries left featuring donuts.  Moves can sometimes be disruptive, or even totally change the vibe of a place, but most has been kept intact in this case.  Space is abundant and that may be the only thing that has changed its character (I preferred the compact space), but I'm sure it has helped with production.

Klunker and Honeymoon Donuts
Thankfully, the Honeymoon Donuts are still a classic—an iced raised yeast donut filled with varying fruit compotes or custard cream.  My favorite is the lemon.  It's the next best thing to a piece of lemon meringue pie for breakfast.  Close behind are their Klunkers—appropriately named as they resemble a "clump" of dough deep-fried and coated with a sugar glaze.  Amazingly, they look like their name, but are actually light and cake-like.  Of course there are most every other kind of
traditional flavors and varieties that one could hope for, which makes Silverton one of the places for donut shopping.

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Heather Johnson said...

Love it - I miss you guys! It was so fun hanging out. And SDS has THE BEST APPLE FRITTERS ON THE PLANET!

Dexter said...

We agree! Haven't had a fritter in a while so you're making us hungry!!