Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse

Ribs and sauce: bring your appetite and your wallet

Dexter Checks Out the Entrance
     The original Montgomery Inn and its second location, the downtown riverside Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse, were in the top ten of customer volume nationally a few years ago.  They’re known for their ribs and we use their sauce at home.  It’s tomato-based with a sweet tang.  It’s not to everyone’s
taste, especially those who prefer the vinegar type sauce.  However, most people love that sauce and are devotees.

Bicentennial Commons
at Sawyer Point
on the Ohio River
     The Boat House is a prime location for tourists and conventioneers because it’s a large, busy space with even an outdoor smoking verandah, which was screened in when I visited in February.  The crowd is diverse and a local celebrity may even show up. The region’s top news anchor sat at the bar with friends when I was there.  If you’re looking for adventurous food, though, you’re better off to go to the Gateway Quarter.  However, it’s locally owned and more interesting than some of the chain outlets on the Banks.

Pork Loin Back Ribs
Gulf Shrimp Cantonese
     Ribs are the primary entrées in a number of sizes and combinations.  Both of my dining colleagues were there for them and they just loved it while wearing the plastic bibs.  I ordered the fried Gulf Shrimp Cantonese, which were tiger prawn sized.  Although they were good, the baked sweet potato was the best item.  It was creamy, piping hot, and I left only the skin.  The fried Saratoga chips were also good.

     The one question for me is the price.  Everything was a couple bucks more than I thought it needed to be and the parking is all valet at night.  I guess they’re having to pay for the building to be renovated or the lot to be repaved, though will all the patrons they entertain, I would think they’re making quite a profit.
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