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A luncheonette that could turn around East Walnut Hills

Placing Orders at the KITCHEN 452 Counter
     Back before there was a Panera in every other suburb, the independent luncheonette was a staple and that’s the tradition to which KITCHEN 452 pays homage.  It also reminded us of The Production Line Café that featured excellent, reasonable
lunches back in the ‘90s in Oakley before that neighborhood made its bid to go upscale.  KITCHEN 452 (yes, we guessed correctly that the number refers to the Cincinnati Zip Code) is located in the old Skinny Pig space in East Walnut Hills on that part of Woodburn near Madison that is on the verge of taking off.  

The Seasonal Menu Board
Spicy Pumpkin Soup

     There were two soups, two salads, and five sandwiches, all made to order, utilizing Shadeau breads.  I ordered the Pumpkin Soup, which was spicy as they promised.  I think there was a little chili in it and it was thickened with diced onion.  

Turkey with Provolone and Pear Salad
Neil had the Pear Salad with blue cheese, mixed greens, and walnuts in lime-pomegranate vinaigrette.  This has become a staple on café menus, but the dressing lent it an original note.  Turkey with provolone, red onion, arugula, and basil pesto made a zesty combination on ciabatta bread for Neil’s sandwich choice.  I chose 
Grilled Cheese and
Spiced Pita Chips
the Grilled Cheese sandwich, which had a tomato and lime ginger chutney, pressed on white bread.  The tomato was chunky and there was a good tang from the ginger.  Homemade spiced pita chips were a nice touch as a side.  The serving sizes were fair for the price.

     The surroundings were spare and elegant.  There are even some feline decorating touches that we found extremely appealing.  The owners’ personalities are charming and they engaged individually with customers and that is the element that sets KITCHEN 452 apart from national chains and other luncheonettes in the region.

Woodburn Avenue in East Walnut Hills

     Can Over-the-Rhine, Northside, and Walnut Hills all have a reawakening simultaneously?  We hope so.

Kitchen 452 on Urbanspoon

Those kitties look so happy to be at KITCHEN 452!

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