Thursday, March 7, 2013

Foster's at Lake Forest

An exclusive breakfast and lunch diner in Blue Ash

Foster's Comfortable Dining Room
      There's been a mystery about Foster's since Karen first mentioned it to me a couple of years ago.  Where exactly was it?  And, what kind of a restaurant was it?  After starting a new gig in Blue Ash this year, I was treated to experiencing all of its secrets.  It's located in a high-rise building that's part of an industrial park near Reed-Hartman and Glendale-Milford Roads.  Imagine an employee dining room that's also open to
the public, but is run independently, and you have the explanation of what Foster's is all about.

      The good news is that there's never a wait, or so I'm told.  The dining room is spacious, well-appointed, bustling, and comes with a staff that is friendly and efficient.  Canadian Geese are plentiful in the area so you may find some entertainment through the subterranean windows.  The menu is familiar, traditional diner favorites with a few spins on the originals.  I had the Wisconsin Turkey Melt on my first visit.

Wisconsin Turkey Melt
It was basically a grilled cheddar cheese with turkey and bacon on Texas toast served with one side dish.  I was interested in the cole slaw (there are several sides to choose from), but I always ask about it first as I like mine creamy and on the sweet side.  Our server brought me a sample before I committed and theirs definitely met my criteria.  The sandwich had good flavor and was not too overly greasy.  I prefer my bacon crispier, but that's probably not conducive to that sandwich combination.  On my second visit with Eric, we
Traditional Gyro
both had the Traditional Gyro, which was the special that day.  (Actually, it's a special a lot of days.)  We both enjoyed it and found the quality to be above the norm.  That time we had the Wedge Cut Fries as our side item.  More like a fried potato, I would definitely recommend them.

      Foster's is an offbeat place for breakfast and lunch, and a little like visiting an exclusive club.  Although it's not fine dining, it is fine diner dining.

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                               Canadian Geese? Really?

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Londyn said...

Nice post and I agree! Because it's such a small (mainly prep style) kitchen, it's not the best ever diner food- but certainly worth a stop now and then for a quick bite. Affordable and yes, never a wait.