Friday, September 4, 2015

The Golden Tajine – good food, good service, good prices

Then Golden Tajine in Northside
     Sue had some wonderful mint tea when she was in France recently and she suggested we check out a Moroccan restaurant for lunch.  We thought she meant one in Northside, but she actually meant another one in Clifton.  We settled on The Golden Tajine in Northside and had a very nice dining experience.  It got off to a peculiar start because we didn’t pay attention to the sign to order at the counter and, instead, sat down and were surprised when the short order cook came around with menus and seemed a little puzzled (in retrospect, by our behavior, rather than anything he was doing).

Hummus and Pita
      There are specials, though these are for dinner on the weekends.  The lunch menu concentrates on pita selections.  We started with the Hummus, which was very fresh with a citrus undertow.  I wondered if he had just made it.  
Greek Fries
The Greek fries were delicious – crispy, seasoned well, with a generous helping of feta cheese.  Neil and Sue each had the Lamb Gyro, which he thought was one of the best he’d ever had 
Lamb Gyro
because it was packed with tender, flavorful meat.  There wasn’t that sharp mutton aftertaste that is the sign of cheap ingredients.  I had the Chicken Schawarma and it was also stuffed with tender, perfectly cooked meat and surrounded by a very fresh pita bread.  

Moroccan Mint Tea

    We also ordered a large Moroccan Mint tea, which was more than enough for the three of us.   Made with honey and enormous mint leaves, it needed no time to steep and was piping hot.  I drank four small glasses of it and could have drunk four more.  Although it’s a dark, 
The Golden Tajine Interior
plain space, the staff certainly does not try to rush patrons out.  This is a place I’d certainly return to and if were closer, order take out.

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