Sunday, September 6, 2015

Marché Artisan Foods for a Little Trip to Europe in East Nashville

THe Bakery and Kitchen at Marché
     We've paid a couple of visits to Marché for brunch and dinner.  From our two experiences there, our batting average has been 1000.  With a menu that changes seasonally and then some, it's hard to recall a description of every meal so I'm going to call this an "over-review" that speaks more in generalities.  

Crepe du Jour
     The emphasis is on European cooking.  From Marché Favorites on the menu came the Crepe du Jour consisting of bacon, goat cheese and pesto over a base of tomato basil sauce.  We've ordered crepes on both of our visits so I think I'm safe in saying that whatever the daily crepe entrant is, it's more than likely a winner.  
Market Salad
The Market Salad changes frequently and that time around ours combined orange slices, almonds and radishes with the spring mix and white balsamic vinaigrette.  
Baked Chicken and Pasta
A featured entrée was Baked Chicken over pasta with bacon and English peas.  The rich broth brought the flavors all together.  Marché is a restaurant where desserts are a must.  
Rhubarb Crunch
Eric and I shared the warm Rhubarb Crunch with the rest of our table, which left us all wanting more.  

The Round Dining Area
     The restaurant space is an interesting one to wander through.  There is a large, round dining area with a '60s edge that seemed perfect for an afternoon lunch and fashion show combo, the likes of those experienced in bygone department store lunchrooms. The rest of the seating is shared with some shelved retail offerings and the open kitchen and bakery.

     On our last visit we had an enthusiastic waiter, which was exactly what we needed after a day of sightseeing.  He had one of the best retorts ever when Eric told him, and motioned, that the two of us were together when we ordered (meaning that we should be on the same check).  His quick reply with a sigh was "Oh, I'm so happy for you", moving on without missing a beat!  

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