Saturday, September 26, 2015

Puckett's Restaurant & Grocery: Which Came First?

     As owner Andy Marshall once said, "I realized what I had here was a restaurant pretending to be a grocery store".  Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant has now grown to five stores in as many towns with live entertainment thrown in on certain days of the week.  Our encounter with Puckett's took place in the town of Franklin, TN.

Puckett's Restaurant and Grocery Store
     There's a certain vibe about the place that makes one want to be a part of it to see just what's going on.  The dining area is contained, but one is never far from the grocery shelves (limited as they were).  We were there on a Sunday afternoon so things were hoppin', but moved fast.  Our server had a likening to Kellie Pickler and attested to the fact that many Nashville stars were a part of their clientele, especially those that live in the Franklin area.

Fried Green Tomato B.L.T.
     Eric and I were immediately drawn to the Fried Green Tomato B.L.T.  Served on sourdough bread with chipotle bacon ranch, it was Southern through and through.  We accompanied it with the Smashed Sweet Potatoes as recommended by our server.  
Smoked Bologna Sandwich
Dale had the Smoked Bologna Sandwich served on country white bread.  I was torn between that and my B.L.T., but it sounded like we both made good choices.  Lori went with the Redneck Burrito, another great pick made with pulled pork, baked beans, BBQ sauce and slaw.  One just doesn't find these selections on every menu.  Martha had the Homemade Chicken Salad and Stan the Grilled Cheese.  Both were mainstays done very well.  Eric and I couldn't refuse the Berry Cobbler of the Day.  We needed spoons for everyone at the table for sampling!  And don't forget the Sweet Tea.  It doesn't get any better than at Puckett's.

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