Wednesday, September 2, 2015

72 hours in Nashville: Days Three and Four

Exploring some of the best 
of Nashville's Southern appeal


     Franklin was our first destination of the day.  It's a Civil War town that has exploded since the '80s becoming one of the largest cities in the state.  There's a reason for that.  Franklin is one of the most charming towns one can find in the USA and exemplifies everyone's picture of the perfect American 
Landmark Booksellers
village.  Our first stop was Landmark Booksellers on the northern edge of Main Street.  It's like walking into someone's home to visit long lost friends.  The books are showcased in different rooms both upstairs and down.  Sometimes conversations are happening around the "living room" coffee table with locals chatting about almost anything.  It's a fascinating place that's full of rare and unusual literature.  The staff is so knowledgeable it will leave you shaking your head.

Downtown Franklin, TN
     In the middle of town is Pucketts Restaurant & Grocery
known more as a restaurant serving local food fare to the rich and famous, as well as people just like us.  It's worth a visit for some of the best food you'll find in the area.  From there, we took a walk around the block checking out some of the garden and gift shops.  One could spend several hours exploring the entire town and there are some Civil War sites around also, if that's of interest.  We were there on a Sunday, which limits some of the shop openings.

Relaxing at Arrington Vineyards
     Traveling with six people, it becomes difficult to put together an itinerary that will appeal to everyone.  I found a winery in the area and thought that would hit a positive spot with some of our group.  It was a pretty drive to Arrington Vineyards about twenty minutes from Franklin.  It was the perfect spot to recoup on their wrap-around porch where one can purchase a bottle of wine and snacks.  We would have lingered a bit longer if a storm had not been brewing.  Luckily, we made it to our car just in time.
The View from the Vineyard

     Dinner was at the Loveless Cafe after a rest at the hotel.  Lines can be long, but we hit it just right on a Sunday night around 6:30.  It's an old stop on the route to Nashville from the south that was once a motel and diner.  Closed for a short period, it now serves many of the original recipes (fried chicken for one) and traditional southern fare that packs in the locals and travelers.  

Station Inn on a Sunday Night
     From there, we traveled to the near south side of Nashville to The Station Inn for an authentic jam session.  It's a place where any musician can show up and join in with others to form one large band that sounds like they've been playing together for years.  It's a pure Nashville scene that everyone visiting the area should experience.


     Our morning started with breakfast at Pancake Pantry near the Vanderbilt campus.  It's a mainstay in Nashville and one of those places where you'll understand why once you've eaten there.  They offer unusual combination pancakes as well as the tried and true.  It was the fabulous ending to our 72 hours in Nashville.

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