Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Rickhouse in Bardstown, KY

Once you find it, you'll remember it as a standout

     It had been a long day of visiting distilleries, so we did what any weary travellers would do–ask our host for a dinner recommendation and then act on her advice.  Lisa Marie sent us to The Rickhouse in Bardstown with the promise of a first class steakhouse.  

The Inconspicuous Entryway to Rickhouse
     We used our trusty gps as we pulled into the parking lot with Siri's insistence that the restaurant was on our right.  It was a middle school building, so we started wandering the parking lot when we saw a small sign on a gate to the left of the street.  We had found it!  The lower level interior rooms carried the theme of a rick house, or bourbon barrel storage area, with its intimate space and barrels throughout.

The Main Dining Room
     There were seven of us so we were seated in an area with larger tables and the promise of a very large party's iminent arrival.  Our server promptly acknowledged us and Kaylee was melting in her seat from his Kentuckian pronunciation of "sweet tea".  It didn't hurt matters that he was very nice looking, but definitely all business and professional.  We settled into our seats and reading menus bedazzled with steaks and tempting side dishes.  After a round of Q&A, we made our decisions.
6 oz. Prime Cut Filet and Brussels Sprouts
Five of us were sold on the 6 oz. Prime Cut Filet.  Our other two diners would have the New York Strip and BBQ Bourbon Chicken Half.  All were tremendous–done to order and tender as they come.  The dinners came with yeast rolls (yum!) and two sides.
BBQ Bourbon Chicken Half
Between us, we sampled all that they had to offer.  The Scalloped Potatoes and Macaroni were especially creamy with an eleven (yes, eleven!) cheese sauce.
Scalloped Potatoes

The Brussels Sprouts, sautéed with apples, bacon, cranberries, and brown sugar and bourbon would hold up on any menu.  

Bourbon Brownie a la Mode

     I couldn't believe we were actually entertaining the idea of dessert, but they had beckoned us since first seeing them on the menu.  One of each for the table would satisfy our curiosity.  We thought the Chocolate and Orange Bread Pudding would be the star, but the Bourbon Brownie a la Mode was the favorite all around.  After all, we were in the Bourbon Capital of the World so what did we expect?

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