Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cake Rack Bakery

We hope they've finally found 
a permanent home in Findlay Market
The Display Window
     Cake Rack has been a bit transient since its beginnings in 1992 Cleveland.  With a stopover in Dayton on the way to Covington and OTR, we hope the magnificent pastries that we've come to know around Cincinnati have come to rest in a permanent home outside Findlay Market on Elder Street.  It's the former beloved Skirtz & Johnston space and we couldn't be happier to know that it's serving similar fare in that storefront.

     We first came to know Cake Rack from Lisa bringing galettes and scones to dinner from her Saturday outings at the market.  Matt and Joan had one helluva graduation cake for Ben a couple of years ago that we traced back to the Cake Rack in Covington.  Our Cake Rack treats have been sparse lately until our visit there last Saturday.  

Dining Area
     The space is a bit less upscale, but the pastries and sandwiches are on par with (or surpass) the aforementioned S&J.  There are several breakfast selections.  The lunch offerings are simple…Ham and Cheese, Roasted Chicken (or Turkey) and Yellow Fin Tuna Salad on your choice of house made breads, or House Salad and Bread. 
Yellow Fin Tuna Salad on Olive Bread
Eric chose the tuna salad made with yogurt and a bit of mayonnaise.  That was a plus for him, although he found it a bit too creamy.  I found it delicious, especially with the tarragon added.
Roasted Turkey on Olive Bread
My roasted turkey was just the way I like it…on the dry side, but moist enough for flavor.  We both decided on the Olive Bread, which could have been a meal in itself, and the Potato Salad as our side.  It too was creamy (most likely made with yogurt again) and touched with mustard.  But we were
Hummingbird Cake
and Cherry Tart
really there for the desserts, which we had been eyeing and debating all through our lunches.  The decision was made as we ordered the Hummingbird Cake and Cherry, Raisin and Cranberry Tart.  Perfection!

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