Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Maverick Chocolate Co.

Make it a quick stop for chocoholics 
at this Findlay Market favorite

     If you want to be knocked down from the scent of chocolate, then a trip to Maverick Chocolate Co. at Findlay Market is a must.  We had been forewarned by Lisa, but the initial whiff when opening the door was a bit overwhelming!  Made on the premises , there was a choice of 9 chocolate bars that one can taste from the apothecary jars filled with chocolate floret samplers.  (The interior replicates an early 1900s apothecary shoppe.)  Having just completed lunch and dessert, we were a bit hungover with sweets, so we limited our samplings to two…70% Belize and Prohibition (Bourbon).  Having just completed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, that would be our choice as a take home.  

     As luck would have it, our tasting continued that evening at Bob and Mary's as they served the Belize and Prohibition, along with two other bars as part of their dessert after dinner.  I found Tumbes (82% dark) to be a bitter, intense concoction from Peru.  I have "spiciness" issues so I didn't sample the Fahrenheit 513, a secret blend of toasted chilies and spices.  Eric was coughing a bit afterwards.  You're on your own with that one!  Prohibition hit the spot again with sweet bourbon and smoked salt, but my choice of the evening was the Belize…smooth, with just the right full chocolate flavor for me.

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