Thursday, August 1, 2013

The IKEA Catalog…Dream On

The New IKEA Catalog with a Pop-Up Urban Garden
      As I sat in the garden looking through the new IKEA catalog, I realized I was having that same feeling I used to get in late September when I was a kid and the Sears WishBook would arrive or we would pick up a copy of Penney's or Montgomery Ward catalogs at their stores.  I would drool over each page…not so much the clothing, but the toys and holiday
décor sections.  I would get ideas for holiday decorating and start my personal Christmas gift list to present to my mom.  Most of those pages were limp and smudged by the time December 25th rolled around.

      This year's IKEA "WishBook" has plenty of ideas that unfolded as I studied every page.  It's not the IKEA I was first introduced to in the late 80s, although some of their older pieces are making a comeback as classic designs.  WIth each turn, I realized that there were new pieces and ideas that I found myself storing away in my brain for future usage.  There are still applications for dorm rooms and apartments, but the creativity started to come through when one spread presented a pop-up urban garden.  

A McMansion Dressing Room
There are even solutions for McMansion living with a contemporary chandelier as the focal point of an over-the-top dressing room.  And then, I was really taken back to my 
My Wish List Find
childhood as I found a cardboard market/puppet theater.  I think the price was from that era also.  That would have definitely been on my wish list!

Browse the new catalog here:

I'm liking all of the IKEA things in our new garden.

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