Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Joan Rivers: Our Little Secret

Whether you like her or not, Joan Rivers nails the laughs

Joan Rivers
     The other night, we were watching one of our TV guilty pleasures:  Fashion Police on E!  We don’t watch it weekly, but we’ll turn it on while channel surfing and usually stay with it until the end.  It repeats a number of times weekly so it’s not too difficult to find.  Joan Rivers is the host and den mother with panelists Kelly Osbourne, who has an almost
encyclopedic knowledge of stars and designers and seems genuinely stunned by some of Rivers’ comments, Giuliana Rancic, who can somehow find a kind way of dealing with even the worst celebrity fashion, and fashion industry veteran George Kotsiopoulos, who’s the linchpin by trying to keep things semi-grounded.  There are also celebrity panelists, some of whom are funnier and smarter than I’d assume.

Dexter with the
Fashion Police Panel
     What works about Fashion Police is that while it’s about fluff, the panelists take it very seriously even when making off-kilter or simply rude comments.  Even for viewers who might find it vulgar or unfair, they should remember that most celebrities desire publicity, no matter what it is.  The rudest and funniest member is Joan Rivers.  She’s eighty and still able to deliver zingers with impeccable timing.  She hasn’t turned ‘cute’ or ‘dear’ like some aged comics and she doesn’t seem tired or groveling for affection either.  I could name a number of performers that have done all of these things, but unlike the Fashion Police panel I’ll refrain from doing so.  

Joan Starting Out
on The Ed Sullivan Show
     River still dresses beautifully and she physically moves very well (easier said than done for many that age).  I know we’re supposed to be horrified by the plastic surgery that has left her face looking mask-like.  However, she is a clown and their faces remain the same over time because of the heavy, stylized make-up.  As Judy said a year or so ago, “She’d probably look a lot worse without the plastic surgery.”  So, here’s to you Joan for staying sharp, sassy, and determined for almost sixty years in the biz.

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