Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Cute dogs, pithy political statements, 
each side given its due in a darling book
by Chuck Sambuchino

Chuck Sambuchino at Books on the Banks
     I attended Chuck Sambuchino’s lecture at Books on the Banks last year and he shared smart, sensible advice in a witty manner that could have gone on for another hour at least.  So, to try and say thank you, I bought RED DOG * BLUE DOG:  When Pooches Get Political.  For some stupid reason, I
only picked up one copy, rather than the three or four I should have as gifts.  

     Although set against the backdrop of the 2012 Election, the book sums up the past forty years of “the culture wars” and pretty much foretells the next twenty or so.  There’s only one
reference to Governor Romney and President Obama to give a clue to its publication date.  Otherwise, it’s timeless and priceless.

     Sambuchino places two snapshots of dogs beside each other with a caption for each, such as:  a Standard Poodle on a seat at Great American Ballpark with “Red Dog says if you don’t take off your hat for the national anthem, he will bite your butt” and a Chihuahua being held by his owner with “Blue Dog is a little shaken up after a redneck guy called him a ‘commie moron’ but is now thinking of a clever retort for later.”

     This is a perfect, almost pocket-sized, coffee table book that is both hilarious and thought provoking.  In an era of incendiary reactions to various political beliefs, Sambuchino subtly points out how difficult it is to over-react to a political opponent when he or she is an adorable dog.

Hey, there are red cats, blue cats too!

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