Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kanpai Japanese Steakhouse

It comes to the party smartly dressed and well-equipped

The Kanpai Sleek Dining Room
      Finding a lunch spot that has fresh cuisine with fast, sit-down service can be a challenge.  There are a few in Blue Ash…Through the Garden and Foster's come to mind, and now a Japanese steakhouse.  They're not usually on my short list, but Kanpai elevates the competition by offering a menu
and surroundings that are chic enough to host a business lunch meeting.

Spring Rolls
      I was asked to join Dominic and Joyce for a more casual lunch that impressed me with its traditional, graphic approach to food presentation.  We shared a starter of Vegetable Spring Rolls.  They were typical fare, but got high marks for their visual appeal and the sweet/sour sauce.  We all ordered the Lunch Hibachi that was served with a choice of soup or salad and sautéed vegetables and fried rice.  I've never been fond of Miso Soup (as it tastes to me exactly as what it is…seaweed), so I'm not going to comment on their version.  Again, a beautiful cherry red bowl and Asian spoon more than likely elevated the flavors.
Miso Soup and Ginger Salad

I chose the salad option that was cold iceberg lettuce tossed with a ginger dressing I found appealing as a watered down version of thousand island.

Lunch Hibachi with Chicken
Chicken was my choice as the protein (steak, shrimp, and tofu were offered as well), stir-fried in a light sesame sauce and served with fresh vegetables and fried rice.  Dominic asked for some yum-yum dipping sauce to add even more flavor.  The yum-yum kicked in and there was nothing left on our once pretty plates, though orations were generously sized.  Of course, Kanpai offers sushi for those so inclined and a healthy list of starters and dinner entrées for future visits.  

I'll pass on the miso soup too!
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