Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Orleans To Go

It keeps on truckin', even with a sit-down space

Placing Orders at New Orleans To Go
      Eight years ago this week Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the gulf coast, forever changing the lives of millions.  LaToya Foster was one of those who left her beloved city to settle in Cincinnati.  WIth a passion for creole cuisine, she met her husband, Randy Filson, and together they started
a bistro in Springdale only to find they had been displaced once more when their lease was up.  That's when the New Orleans To Go food truck came into being and later the non-mobile location in Blue Ash that Mark and I visited to celebrate his birthday. 

Owner Randy Filson
Chats with Some Regulars
      It's a bit of a secret location.  I had seen some small signs earlier, but they were gone by the time we decided to visit.  Located in a CMC small business complex, the commissary occupies two suites, one for ordering and take out, the other for dining.  We sort of followed our noses and found a line outside the doorway at 11:45.  It was obvious that this was a place that needed no more advertising to become popular.

The Ladened Shrimp Po' Boy
      Mark and I both settled on the Shrimp Po' Boy, mine dressed to the nines.  I had the accompanying Creole Potato Salad, while Mark tried the Voodoo Potato Chips from Zapp's.  The Po' Boy was loaded with sweetly deep-fried medium shrimp that made it difficult to eat without the use of a knife and fork.  I found the potato salad to be a little lacking in "creole" flavoring.  It could have been turned up a notch or two.  The chips definitely had some voodoo magic in them as did the entire place.  This was an experience that took me out of my present surroundings and conjured up the feeling of walking up to a deli stand in the Crescent City.  They've done all they can do to bring New Orleans to Cincinnati.

      The menu changes daily and we were told the best way was to check their posts on Facebook.  It also shows when they're out and about.  They're very good about keeping it up-to-date, as I'm looking forward to a day when they're making muffalettas.

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