Friday, February 22, 2013

Seasons 52

Eat healthy and well 
at the Norwood branch of an upscale chain

Dexter Checks Out the Seasons 52 Exterior
     Seasons 52 opened a few weeks ago in the historically disputed area from which the Norwood city council hoped to gain greater revenue as a supplement to the commercial bonanza known as Rockwood than as a middle-class neighborhood.  It is now dubbed Rookwood Exchange.  When Neil and I drove by last week a couple of times, the parking lot
was packed.  Katy and Denny had really liked their experience at the Seasons 52 in Tampa so we thought that we’d try it out here together.  All of the items on the menu are under 475 calories, which is one of its major draws.  

The Dramatic Dining Room
     I thought a 6:30 p.m. reservation would be pretty safe, but it was packed when we arrived.  We were seated at a six top.  We thought it a little awkward, but we would have had to wait longer for a four top, according to the hostess.  It’s a chic space and smaller than it initially appears.  There are separate rooms for larger parties, but only an alcove space was being used for such a purpose that night.  Our server changed over our napkins because of what we were wearing, which is a nice touch so that diners aren’t walking out with bright threads or fluff on dark clothing or vice versa.  

     The menu changes seasonally, supplemented with weekly specials, which is the reason for the restaurant’s name.  There’s a good selection of dishes in each set of courses without it being overwhelming.  Our server recommended well and was adept with wine service and in maintaining attentiveness throughout the meal without rushing us.  For the most part, we followed her suggestions. 

Stuffed Mushrooms

     Katy and Denny shared the Lump Crab, Roasted Shrimp & Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms.  Neil had one and thought it was excellent.  
Gyro Flatbread

We had the Gyro Flatbread, a current special appetizer that was cracker thin and topped with ground lamb, sliced red onions, and tzatziki sauce.  It was light, flavorful, and a large serving.  

Grilled Boneless Rainbow Trout
Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon
Next up were the entrées.  Neil ordered the Grilled Boneless Rainbow Trout because we don’t have it much at home, while Denny and I both had the Salmon Roasted on a Cedar Plank.  All of these were large portions and perfectly cooked.  Katy chose the special, which was Grouper with Curried Sauce.  Our server thought that it had changed to Mahi Mahi and that the sauce was hot.  Actually, it had an enticing sense of spiciness without being overly hot.  This fish was grouper and it, too, was well cooked.  I thought it was the best dish.  

Weekly Special—Grouper with Curried Sauce
     The only problem we noted was that none of the accompanying vegetables were hot.  The carrots and potatoes were steamed, but it’s a method that I think requires quick service or it will be cold.  I assume that the vegetables are cooked in large batches and split as orders are expedited.  I wish the vegetables were seasoned and that maybe sautéing without oil or baking could be considered.

Mini Indulgences
     Our server presented a long tray of shot sized desserts.  This is a great idea because diners can have a sweet ending without being stuffed.  There’s a nice range of choices (diners could have more than one without enormous guilt).  The chocolate-based desserts were the strongest.  Beware the Cannoli that doesn’t magically suck up its filling.  Seasons 52 is fairly priced; buzzing, rather than horribly noisy; and extremely popular.

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