Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cats Rule

The latest Monopoly token backs me up

The Cat Monopoly Token
     I’ve known for a long time that cats rule.  There are more of us than dogs and we can run faster and jump higher if we have to (and we usually have to).  We eat less and we can clean up after ourselves.  What we have left over helps things I like eating in the garden grow.  So the latest is that Hasbro, which makes Monopoly, asked people to vote for the newest game token.  There were five choices.  One was a helicopter, though it was hard to tell that was what it was.  It looked more like a saltcellar the guys might have. The diamond ring was nice, but if everyone can’t wear a diamond ring, then I don’t think it’s fair.  There was a robot, though it looked like something that was broken in a kid’s closet and a guitar.  The cat won!!!!!!  It has a bell around its neck.  I had a bell around my neck, but not for long. 

That's Me...When I Wore a Collar

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