Monday, February 18, 2013

Anita’s Mexican Bar & Grill

Authentic Mexican that deserves to succeed in Ft. Thomas

Looks Like I Need to Put on My Hat Again!
     I hope that Anita’s Mexican Bar & Grill in Fort Thomas survives and thrives since it’s authentic. It occupies the old Frisch’s building, which moved down to Highland Heights to take over the old Perkins space.  It’s been a real domino
effect.  Some spaces host restaurant after restaurant and none of them work out.  Anita’s deserves a larger lunch crowd than when I visited on a Friday.

     Judy and her family went this past fall for dinner and really liked it, though it’s pricier for dinner than for the lunch specials.  Katy and Denny had also gone in the evening and enjoyed their experience so she suggested it.  My Mom and I can be pains about Mexican restaurants because we’re always comparing them unfavorably to those in the Rocky Mountains.  However, this reminded me of Chelo’s in Laramie and that’s a compliment, even though most of our readers have probably not visited that town or restaurant.  

Katy's Lunch Plate
Eric's Lunch Plate
     The lunch specials are a deal.  They include a number of different items (tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tostados) with a salad and refried beans and/or rice.  I had a beef chile relleno (there was also a delicately spiced cheese sauce with the meat) with a chicken taco, a salad that included some guacamole and rice.  It was very filling and delicious.  

     Our server was attentive and professional.  The other bonus is that the interior has an interesting floor and bar area and doesn’t look like it’s a converted chain restaurant.  

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