Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moerlein Lager House at The Banks

Cincinnati through and through and already an established position along The Banks

Dexter Guards the Entrance to Moerlein Lager House
      Many have anticipated The Banks development for almost a decade.  Has the wait been worth it?  After visiting the area
for lunch at Moerlein Lager House, which is part of the John G. and Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park, it's a definite "yes".  

Microbrewery and Restaurant Foyer
      I'm not usually a fan of overly large restaurants (it can seat 1,100), but I found a sophistication and intimacy about this one.  It's most definitely a casual dining spot before or after the games, but the well-appointed dining room on the second level was also perfect for business patrons.  
Second Level Dining Room
Sans Sports TV
The diner's experience and necessities were priorities when planning this establishment and it shows inside and out. 

      The staff was welcoming from the get go.  We were seated on the main level next to a window with a river view.  It's an open dining area dominated by an all glass perimeter with wood and stone inner surface coverings.  I couldn't get a read on the noise level as we were past the lunch rush, but my guess would be that it is at least "lively".  Our server was friendly, attentive, and confident with her honest suggestions while the team that accompanied her were equally efficient.

All Glass Dining Room with a View
      Of course, beer is a huge part of its offerings.  A working microbrewery is on the premises.  There was a mini set of suggestions on the back of the main menu with a multi-paged beer menu also available.  I know the Moer Burger is a much-touted entrée, but as our server said "it's a hearty meal".  The all day menu had some lighter listings from which we decided to choose.  

Cod Sandwich and Caprese Flatbread
One choice was the Cod Sandwich that Jay described as "a helluva lot better than Long John Silver's".  The jalapeño tartar sauce livened up the beer battered cod.   Bob's Caprese Flatbread was both attractive and delicious.  

Short Rib Grilled Cheese and Sweet Potato Chips
My Short Rib Grilled Cheese was a little messy, but the flavor and tenderness of the meat made the sloppiness acceptable.  One of the accompaniments to the sandwiches was the house made Sweet Potato Chips.  They are light and crispy throughout their crazy formations and are sure to become a signature item.  Desserts were offered using ingredients from some local favorites such as Graeter's Ice Cream.  

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