Sunday, January 13, 2013

There She Is...Miss America

And this time she just may be the girl next door

Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013
      None of us are beauty queen experts, but we happened on to the Miss America Pageant and agreed there was enough to hold some interest for our household.  Miss Wyoming was a finalist, something Eric couldn't recall ever happening from the state that his Mom calls home.  We thought she might have the total package that the judges were looking for.  There was a ginger for Dexter to ogle.  And then, there was Miss New York who was the class clown and had the attitude while competing that she was just there to have a good time (I'm sure it was a lot more than that) and that everyone else should have the same.  She tapped her way through James Brown, was in the top 5 for swimsuit and evening gown, and then nailed an answer on gun control.  She's not your conventional Miss America, but then this is 2013. Go Mallory Hagan! You represented your state and Brooklyn well...and now, America.

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