Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mitchell's Fish Market

Cameron Mitchell's growing chain 
serves an authentic Northeastern experience

Nautical Interior at Mitchell's Fish Market West Chester
      The decor is nautical.  From the time you enter the door, you'll find it a place that could be near any seashore in America.  Yes, it's geographically transforming with its dark woods, navy fabric with white piping, and ship accessories and designations adding to the details.  But the real star is the
seafood, displayed as you make the way to your table.  We were seated in a booth that was showing a little wear with a slightly lumpy and embedded berth.  Paul was with us and found the table light to be "fascinating" with its low approximation to the table.  I thought it made for great lighting on the food.

Shang Hai Seafood Sampler
      We were there for lunch and the menu had a wide selection.  Eric chose one of the signature items, Shang Hai Seafood Sampler consisting of salmon, scallops and shrimp steamed with ginger and served with sesame spinach over sticky rice.  The rice wine soy sauce kicked it up to the "signature" level with all of the seafood perfectly cooked and moist.

Trout Shang Hai Style

Paul and I ordered from the Market Catch section with selections of trout and salmon.  I chose the Trout Shang Hai Style which was prepared the same as Eric's.  Although it was good, I wished I had chosen another preparation for it.  Since the skin is usually served on the trout, grilled would have probably been a better choice.
Grilled Salmon
Paul's Grilled Salmon looked wonderful and he confirmed that it was with the smashed redskin potatoes making his day.  Our server was professional and attentive much as you would expect a steward to be.

Mitchell's Fish Market (West Chester) on Urbanspoon

Mitchell's Fish Market on Urbanspoon

I found the rope pretty fascinating!

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