Saturday, January 26, 2013

Java Dive Bistro

Speaking the language of coffee 
in Austin's northwest suburb

Java Dive's Subdued Interior
      Java Dive became our choice for starting our days while visiting Austin.  We joined our friends the first morning and from that point we were hooked.  The environment was pared down with metal tables and chairs, simple display cases and painted concrete floors, all in an unassuming small strip center.  Despite all that, the place is warm and welcoming (anything but a dive), which is the explanation for its
popularity.  The owner is from France originally and was found working the counter the days we were there.  Another reason, no doubt, for its success.

Sunrise Egg Panini
      Like many of the chain coffeehouses, orders are placed at the counter with food being delivered to the tables.  It's traditional breakfast items with a flair for the healthy, all organic, and imaginative.  Mara chose one of the many breakfast sandwiches (Sunrise Egg Panini) with creamy scrambled eggs and cheese on organic sprouted bread.  

Green Eggs & Ham
Eric opted for the Green Eggs & Ham, scrambled eggs with homemade pesto, ham, and sprinkled with gorgonzola cheese.  
Pesto & Mushroom Omelette
I chose a variation with the Pesto & Mushroom Omelette made with Swiss cheese.  All were served with their baked home fries, fresh fruit, and Ezekiel sprouted grain toast making the plates healthy throughout.  Don't pass on the desserts either, all made in house with gluten and sugar free options.  I didn't note the coffee, but it more than adequately matched all of the other aforementioned items.

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I liked Green Eggs & Ham. Thanks, Dr. Seuss!

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