Sunday, January 20, 2013


An easy formula for lunch proves satisfying in all ways

That sure is a sad dog!

The Brightened Interior of Kirby's in Loveland
      The old Sleepy Hollow Tavern in Loveland has awakened!  What was dark with year 'round Christmas lights and decorations has now been revamped into a neighborhood pub.  Molly and I were there for lunch and were impressed with the transformation, simple as it is.  We also
noticed the references on the menu to Sky Galley at Lunken Airport.  Sure enough, the owner is the same.  In fact, it's Kirby.

The "Naked" Pork Sammich
      Lunch should be easy and Kirby's makes it as simple as possible.  Every meal on the menu is $8.95 including a soda, tea or coffee.  I'd venture to say there's something for everyone's taste, but Molly and I chose some of the standards.  She was tempted by the Pulled Pork Sammich, which I've always been a fan of at the Sky Galley.  She asked for it "naked"  with Saratoga chips and a small portion of the slaw.  The pork was as it should be—fresh off the bone and moist throughout.  Molly thought the chips tasted like they might have been deep fried in old oil.  I agreed they did have an aftertaste.  

Grouper Finger Basket
I was attracted to the Grouper Finger Basket—deep fried and served with fries.  The fish was tender and generously portioned.  I was pleased.  The fries were nice and crispy, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Service was attentive and pleasant,  which made our overall experience enjoyable.  

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