Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zip’s Café Serves a Tasty Timeless Burger

Entrance to Zip's Café

      What can be said about a Cincinnati institution that has been serving burgers since before they were in vogue (again)?  Zip’s Café has consistently offered one of the best American hamburgers for 85 years, flame broiled and constructed on a honey egg bun with all of the ingredients from local suppliers.  Combine a pub style atmosphere that promotes communal dining with a friendly staff that welcomes everyone, including kids, and you have the secret to its success. 

The Pub Atmosphere with Model Train
Wall Sign Stating
"Mind Your Children
 or They Will Be
Given an Espresso
and a Free Puppy"
      Jan and I were out for the afternoon so we dropped by for lunch last week.  Jan lived in Mt. Lookout for several years so this was one of her regular hangouts.  Nothing much had changed except for a few new wall decorations. She didn’t even look at the menu.  I had only been there once before so I needed a little extra time. I took my cue from Jan and decided on
the Zip Burger Deluxe with Cheese (there’s also a double version).  She said the Chile was good too so I ordered a cup of it with sour cream and onions.  She went with the Onion Rings so that I could experience those also.

Cup of Chili

      This is not a fast food establishment, so don’t expect your meal to be there before you’ve collected your thoughts.  However, the timing was appropriate for a made-to-order meal.  My chili arrived first.  It had a nice tomato base that was not too heavily seasoned.  Although the tomatoes were predominant, there was also ample ground beef and beans.  The onions were a nice add-on.  I probably could have foregone the sour cream since the spices were on the calm side.

Deluxe Zip Burger with Cheese and Onion Rings
The onion rings were begging to be eaten as they were stacked high next to Jan’s burger.  They were not greasy allowing for a tender crunch that released the onion juices and sweetness when bitten.  They were good enough for a return visit.  The burger was pretty basic which was what I was hoping for (there were a couple of more complicated ones).  The size was manageable and the condiments were fresh.  They didn’t ask for a temperature when we ordered, so expect them to be cooked throughout unless you specify differently.  It was an enjoyable diner style concoction.

      We had no room for the Pumpkin Cheesecake that was offered for dessert.  We were content to sit back, watch the miniature train ‘round the perimeter of the ceiling, and enjoy one another’s company.

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Basic done well is always a good thing!

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