Thursday, November 3, 2011

Queen City Cookies...Eat. Smile. Repeat.

      Findlay Market is known for showcasing local food artisans and their specialties.  We chanced upon Queen City Cookies a few weeks ago while showing off the area to some relatives.  The shop has the feel of one located in a resort area or a European town.  Peggy Shannon is the pastry artist who formed the idea from her passion for baking and the fine arts.  All of that love shows in the store décor, visual presentation, packaging, and of course...the cookies.  

Customized Cookies

      Customized cookies are the feature.  The highest quality buttery shortbreads are iced with dark chocolate, white chocolate (ivory colored), or fairy dust (glistening porcelain white) highlighted with white or chocolate piping.  There are over 460 antique molds from Peggy's collection to customize your order for every occasion.  Frida Kahlo was the inspiration for Frieda's Creations (they use the European spelling) with assorted colorful images
applied to the shortbreads.  Custom images and logos are also available.  The schnecken is one of the best ever! 

Lavishly Packaged Seasonal Cookies
Small cookie packages of creative flavors vary by season.  On this particular day we chose Em's Blues, a sugary blueberry maple pancake delight.  Other samples there for tasting included the Chocolate Fiesta Cookie laced with chipotle.  All of the combinations work and are cut in the shape of an elephant, the company's symbol.  Peggy has always wanted to own one so she felt it was the logical choice since it symbolized prosperity, auspiciousness, and longevity.  

      Queen City Cookies seems to strive to do everything right including contributing to several community organizations and setting an example for environmental issues.  Being an artist I was particularly impressed with the packaging that was dressed with a colorful ornate tag applied with a small sculpted rose appearing as porcelain.  A collection of elephant cards with favorite quotes make for a great reminder of the store and its passion for producing great works of art.  

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Wow!  I'd love to spend the day with some of Peggy's elephant friends.

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