Sunday, November 20, 2011

Krohn Conservatory 2011 Holiday Show Adds City Sights

The Brent Spence Bridge Over the Entrance to the Display House
      Open through January 1st, the revamped Holiday Show “Trains, Trestles, and Traditions” included more city structures than ever before.  New for this year were Union Terminal, the painted ladies in Columbia-Tuscalum, the Brent Spence Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower at King’s Island that were all added to the familiar buildings of Mt. Adams.  Passing under the bridge, we entered the world of miniatures all made from
botanical sources such as leaves, pinecones, and various pods.  Displayed among a variety of poinsettias, cyclamen, coleus, and Joseph’s coat, the vision made us stop and wonder just how they were created. 

Mt. Adams Incline
Krohn Conservatory as a Model
Detail of a Victorian Home


      The miniature architectural sights were the brainchild of Paul Busse and his firm Applied Imagination, located right across the river in Alexandria, KY.  A tradition that first started at Krohn in 1986, the firm’s displays have since become a hit at the U.S., New York, and Chicago Botanical Gardens to name but a few.  The Obama White House (complete with vegetable garden and swing set), Yankee Stadium, and Navy Pier were custom built for those city’s exhibits allowing model railroads to come and go throughout the floral displays.

The Eiffel Tower at King's Island and Painted Ladies
The Decorated Desert House
Recycled Aluminum

      The holiday show at Krohn continued in the desert house with Southwestern ornaments hung throughout the permanent collection of arid plants.  Recycled aluminum cans have been transformed into whimsical ornaments, some of which teeter-totter on the tops of spikey leaves.  

The orchid house had specimens fresh from the fall orchid show where the conservatory took several top honors from the American Orchid Society.  

Bonsai Room

Crafts for Kids and Dexter
We wandered through the bonsai room and took a diversion into the craft room where kids can make a tree ornament while you enjoy the video on how the botanical miniatures were constructed.  It should be required viewing.  The tropical and palm houses were also open while inside.  
Outside, the traditional live nativity begins on December 11.

Visit their website for a listing of special events throughout the holiday season.

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