Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Host an Oprah Finale Party

I would love to meet Oprah.  Lucky Neil did!  I can only continue to dream of that day.  I know we would become bff's.  Plus, she really adores her pet companions.

      With Oprah slated to turn out the lights (just a few days after some religious sects believe the world is coming to an end), it's time to think about how you'll celebrate such a momentous occasion.  On May 25, 2011 the queen of all daytime programming will take a final bow to her fans in 145 countries worldwide.

       So how does one salute television's top-rated talk show host for the past two decades?  Will you have your OWN (sorry about the pun) party to celebrate the finale?  Here are a few suggestions for hosting a celebration.   
• Our friend Rose chose Oprah as her Christmas theme a couple of years ago and placed cut-outs of the iconic personality all over their tree.  It's not the holidays, but it's one way of paying homage to this special lady.  There are plenty of images on the internet and placing them as a focal point in your home (around an entryway, on the mantle, as a centerpiece, etc.) would be a simple way to create impact.  
• Make bags of your "favorite things" to give as gifts to your guests.  Or, have your guests bring one of their "favorites things" wrapped (you can place a dollar limit) and do an exchange.
• Mark the occasion by starting a Book Club.  Oprah will certainly leave a legacy with this popular segment that she began in September 1996.
• Food, as we all know, was a focal point of many an Oprah show.  This makes for the perfect time to serve some of her favorites, including Graeter's ice cream.

      However you mark the last original telecast, it will certainly be a day for many memories.  I visited the Oprah show back in 1992.  The theme that day was "Wives of Men in Prison".  Not exactly the show that I was hoping for (I was thinking more of seeing a star like Barbra Streisand), but a fantastic memory nonetheless.  I recall Oprah taking off her shoes at the end of the taping and standing to greet all of the studio audience that day.  It's a ritual she repeats daily.  You can't hope to meet anyone that will make their guests feel more comfortable than that.  And that is one of the reasons for her great success.  

      Congratulations, Oprah, and many more years of making us love you even more!

Especially for pets:


Father Tom said...

I watch Oprah, too and have since I can't remember when. My dream was to be on her show someday, but maybe, instead I'll visit her on her network..(hehehe)

Julie says..She is an amazing woman who has done so much. I never went to one of her shows, but when I was an intern, I did see her. Her graciousness was evident, even then. She moved on to Chicago where she found her niche and the world is a better place for it.

Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts--love the gifts for friends idea, too! Glad I could stop by and introduce myself!


Bengal Trio - Luna, Zulu -n- Mercy said...

She is one pawsome lady!