Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Parks Floating High Above the City

When Neil carries me around the house (mostly when it's time to go to bed at night), I get the sensation of floating through the air.  It's not the same feeling when Eric holds me.  It sometimes seems like he's going to drop me at any moment.  Oh, boy!  Luckily, I'm always one step ahead and prepared to be set free.

Bellevue Hill Park

The View of Downtown from Bellevue Hill Park
     Bellevue Hill Park, off of Ohio Avenue in University Heights near Clifton, offers arguably the finest view of the city from the Ohio side.  The photogenic panorama is not the only star of this city gem, however.  The striking pavilion structure is reminiscent of a later Eero Saarinen design, though actually conceived much earlier by architect R. Carl Freund who was the mastermind behind some of Cincinnati's most imaginative Park buildings.  Created from concrete forms, the canopies rise from the ground connecting to one another and casting a lacy shape over the walkway around the driveway.  Built in 1955, the building functioned as a bandstand and dancing area.  Now it's a peaceful escape from the sounds of the city while still feeling nestled within it.

The Pavilion with the Downtown Skyline Beyond

Devou Park

A View of Cincinnati from the Drees Pavilion
      Devou Park in Covington, KY is located in the hills overlooking Cincinnati and Covington.  It affords the best view of both cities from the Kentucky side.  Once an estate, the park is now home to a golf course, bandshell, tennis, fishing, walking trails, and picnic facilities.  The Behringer-Crawford Museum is within the park and exhibits local history through the collections of a world traveler.  The Drees Pavilion was constructed in 2003 and offers an incredible facility and backdrop for weddings and special events.  It's a fabulous park no matter what your needs may be for a day.

The View of Cincinnati and Covington from Devou Park

The Behringer-Crawford Museum

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