Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aglamesis Brothers Makes Cincinnati’s Best Ice Cream

Mmmmm, everyone loves ice cream.  I’ll lick it up if it’s put in front of me, though I don’t ask for it like I do milk foam.  Neil and Eric went out for ice cream while I checked out some friends in the neighborhood.  I met their friends when they dropped them back at our home.

      Lin and Steve had set up an evening out with us a few weeks ago and it was the perfect way for us to celebrate a nice spring evening since it involved good friends and the great ice cream of Aglamesis.  Every city has its local ice cream parlor that’s usually family owned and operated and may have a couple of locations, but isn’t franchised.  Oprah made Graeter’s famous as one of “her favorite things” a few years back, but the weak economy, an inconsistency in choices between different stores, and probably a few too many locations has led to the three northern Kentucky Graeter’s being temporarily closed.  

1913 Interior of the Oakley Aglamesis
      Aglamesis has been around since 1908 and they’ve followed an old-fashioned business model that has kept them successful.  There are two locations.  The original is on Madison Road in the heart of Oakley Square and the other is in a strip mall, anchored by Kroger, in Montgomery on Montgomery Road.  They make their ice cream “the sincere way” using the French pot method.  I don’t know what that means, but it tastes like the dream version of what people think their homemade ice cream tastes like.  The focus is on the flavor and it’s intense.  Though there’s butterfat in it, there isn’t that over-creamy, overly thick texture of some other brands.  They make all the sauces and the chocolates.  

Ice Creams Clockwise from the Bottom Left:
Raspberry Hot Fudge Sundae, Two-Step Sundae,
Double Chocolate Chip, and  Hot Fudge Caramel Sundae
      Each time we’ve gone there with people for their first time, someone has usually said that it tastes like they imagine ice cream is supposed to taste.  That’s the reason we think of it as a legend in Cincinnati.


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Anonymous said...

Aglamesis is one of my favorite parts of Cincinnati. I work there (that girl in the picture is actually me) and I couldn't imagine having a better job. Not only is the ice cream delicious, but the Aglamesis are the best employers out there. They work hard and they have high but reasonable expectations for their employees. I'd strongly encourage people to continue to support Aglamesis in any way they can.