Sunday, May 8, 2011

There's a History Lesson at Tower Hill Park in Ft. Thomas, KY

I'm really in to protecting our house, especially at night.  Sometimes I stay downstairs and watch out the window 
Dexter on Duty
overlooking our driveway.  There is always something scurrying around.  If I could only unlock the door and get to them!  Instead, I just fall asleep and bat them around in my dreams.

Vintage Postcard of Soldier Drill

      We were looking for something new to explore when Eric thought of Tower Park in Ft. Thomas, KY.  Just across the river, we headed there on a Sunday afternoon.  The park is part of a U.S. military compound that still serves as a U.S. Army recruiting center and reserves base, as well as a V.A. Hospital.  

The 1890 Water Tower
Veterans' Memorial and Original Military Housing
      At the entrance stands a 90-foot functional water tower built in 1890 as a memorial to Spanish-American War veterans.  The two cannons are remnants of the war captured in the Havana Harbor.  Driving through, it's apparent that the park offers an abundance of recreational facilities.  There are several sporting fields and courts modified from the military operations there.  A mountain bike trail is unique and requires some experience due to the severity of the terrain.  In addition, there are picnic shelters and a new amphitheater being constructed.  On the property are military personnel homes now on the National Historic Register, many of which were sold to private owners in the transfer of property from the government.  At the end of Alexander Circle are the impressive former officers' homes and a view of the Ohio River valley.  Tower Hill Park is a walk (or drive) through the history of our area as well as an escape for future generations.

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