Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Laverne Cox Shops at JCPenney

NKU establishes itself 
on the map for LGBTQ issues

Laverne Cox at NKU
     As one audience member said, it was a historical moment at NKU when Laverne Cox presented.  She's been an Emmy nominated member of the Orange is the New Black cast.  She's also been a spokesperson for the transgender
community on a number of talk shows, news programs, and news talk shows.  She's also produced cutting edge documentaries as well.  

     Cox was most compelling in her erudition and analysis of various writers that have focused on Feminism and Women, Post-Structuralist and Deconstructionist theory, and gender, racial/ethnic, and sexual orientation identity.  She's the compleat college speaker - appealing to a wide range of students and community members, an icon of the zeitgeist, and simultaneously funny and intelligent.  

     Thanks to Bonnie Meyer, Director of LGBTQ Programs and Services at NKU, as well as the leadership of Student Affairs and the university.  Students and faculty from UC, Xavier, Thomas More, U of L, and Berea joined the throngs from NKU for the sold-out occasion.  This brightens the future of NKU and was such a relief after the recent regurgitation of the Scott Eaton affair(s).  Please, Cincinnati media, let's call a moratorium on that pathetic story.  

    Oh yes, and Laverne still has the style and wit to admit to wearing a $29.99 dress from JCPenney!

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