Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Super Bowl Concerts

Renée Fleming flawless, Queen Latifah sweet, 
Bruno Mars deserved the spotlight

Renée Fleming
     Yes, we knew Renée Fleming was a great choice to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” when it was first announced.  She delivered like the pro and leading American opera soprano that she is.  We laud her for repeating ‘the brave’ and hitting that high note from ‘free’ for a second time.  The NFL should ask her
back immediately for next year.  It was very good to hear Queen Latifah sing “America, the Beautiful” before the Super Bowl, but couldn’t Time Warner Cable have at least listed when they’d sing?  I DVRed the game, but it didn’t include these performers; luckily, we caught them with Katy and Dennis on TV at The Elusive Cow.

Dex Enjoyed the Show
     Why were there non-believers in Bruno Mars?  Obviously, they’re the same old farts that drag in the usual dinosaurs still desperate for some attention way beyond their zeitgeist.  Bruno Mars delivered a sharp, fast show that played to his strengths as a throwback to James Brown (neo-Funk as pop?) and his versatility by singing, dancing, and drumming.  I wasn’t certain why he drummed, but it was cool.  The old 
Bruno Mars Performing
school Apollo dance moves on “Locked Out of Heaven” were slick, though the lyrics were somewhat questionable for a ‘family show.’  “Just the Way You Are,” preceded by greetings from military personnel was the highlight.  

     Of course, the old farts tried to cover their bet by dragging in The Red Hot Chili Peppers (their last sparkling moment was in 2007 and I remember slam dancing when they played a gig in a Chicago club in the mid-1980s).  Does anyone really want to see someone’s tattoos when he’s in the mid-life crisis lane?  I hope Anthony Kiedis and Flea don’t catch cold, but were they necessary? 

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