Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blue Ash Café

It's in the middle of the city's recreation center

Bets Working the Cafe Counter
      I've kept a secret since last fall. There's a small cafe located in the Blue Ash Recreation Center that serves some of the best lunch fare in that area.  It's simple from the ordering system to the menu to the pricing.  It's all made with love by Bets and her cashier partner to make your day just a little more special. The other surprise is in the quality of the food
and the speed with which it is produced.

1/2 Sandwich and a Cup of
the Hearty Potato Soup
      Mark and I first stopped by after talking about the uncanny location for some time.  During that visit, we noticed the "special" board announcing the sandwich (Tuna Salad) and the soup of the week (Creamy Chicken Noodle).  We both looked at one another and thought that they must be trying to get rid of the tuna salad (it was Friday) before the weekend, and a "soup of the week" sounded like leftovers.  We couldn't have been more wrong.  We didn't have those specific items on that visit, but I can assure you that the tuna salad is ALWAYS fresh and the soups are superb!  You know what your mother said, "Soup is better the more you warm it up".

The Blue Ash Classic Croissant
      I decided on the Blue Ash Classic,—a combination on croissant of turkey, ham, hard salami, and provolone cheese dressed with their signature sauce.  It got a little messy, but it was quite worth the extra fuss.  On later visits, I've had the 1/2 café sandwich and a cup of the soup.  I recommend the Hearty Potato.  It's a little spicy with carrots, celery, sausage, and of course—potatoes.  I thought it an unlikely combination, but it will leave you licking up every spot in that mug. 

Dex is Hoping For Warm Weather Dining
      There are plenty of other selections and the emphasis is on building your own custom sandwich, wrap, or salad.  It's family-friendly, as well as catering to the workout group using the center.  Both will like the power blend fruit smoothies, but everyone will enjoy this easy and relaxing dining experience.

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