Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Guilt Trip

Barbra Streisand finds her sense of humor and connects with Seth Rogen in a cute comedy that’s also pretty honest about parent-child relationships

A Little Touch Up from Mom Before the Interview
     The Guilt Trip is a surprise because it works as an exploration of a comfortably off widow’s weeklong cross-country trip with her quietly despondent inventor son.  It’s the type of movie where you think you’ve seen all the best parts in the previews, but it goes beyond those with a real conflict and some uneasy revelations.  The preview bits end up in the credits reel.  Reviews have been mixed, but I’m not certain the reason for this.  No, it’s not on
the level of Streisand’s What’s Up, Doc and there’s nothing as wild as the Molly Picon sub-plot in For Pete’s Sake, but it’s better than Meet the Fockers or the dreary The Mirror Has Two Faces.  It’s also not on the level of Rogen’s Knocked Up or 50/50, but it’s far more enjoyable than the execrable Observe and Report.  

On the Road...
     It’s a smart casting/marketing decision to put Streisand and Rogen together as mother and son since it appeals to two very different niche audiences yet their complementary comedy rhythms feel as in sync and as conflicted as those of actual family members.  Various excellent actors turn up in bits (if you blink, you might miss them) including Kathy Najimy, Miriam Margoyles, Adam Scott, Brett Cullen, Nora Dunn, and Dale Dickey.  

Marathon Eating in Lubbock, TX
The best element is that Barbra Streisand plays an intelligent, funny character that is complex and she hasn’t done so since The Main Event in 1979.  I know Yentl is her personal defining moment, but she misplaced her humor in it and, after that, all of her movies were serious with some type of ‘message’ except for the Fockers, which was an overlong sketch.

I'm not really sure who Barbra Streisand is (although I think I've heard her singing in the house from time to time), but the guys obviously think it's great to see her back on the big screen.



Thanks for the review...Mom really wants to see this movie!!

The Florida Furkids

Sweet Purrfections said...

Thanks for the review. Our mom loves to hear Streisand sing, but truly enjoys her humorous characters in movies.

Dexter said...

Sounds like the purrfect movie for you moms out there!