Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bucks Tavern: The Neighborhood Pub in a Sprawling Suburb

An upscale sports bar with an overstated interior and prices.

The Inviting Dining Area
      I knew little about the Landen area so I was happy to explore a new place for lunch with Carole, Cindy, Billie, and Bobbie.  Bucks Tavern is welcoming with its detailed paneled
walls, a gorgeous bar, and a fireplace complete with "Buck" overhead.  It's reminiscent of taverns in Bucks County, PA.  Perhaps that not a coincidence.

Pot Roast Sandwich
Special Mahi Mahi Wrap
      We chose from the all day menu.  I had the Pot Roast Sandwich with a side of Bucks Slaw.  The sandwich was served with melted provolone and a few diced red peppers on a sesame bun.  The pot roast was tender and delicious.  My only complaint was that the portion was rather modest and the slaw, although creamy and sweet, was more like a sample size.  Two of the ladies had the special Mahi Mahi and Vegetable Wrap.  A little on the dry side, both thought it was not worth the $11 tag.  The one hit was the Classic Reuben—heavy on the lean corned beef and light with all the accompaniments.  The Seasoned Fries were curly cut and light.

Classic Reuben
      Our lunches all came in baskets with checkered paper.  Certainly a sufficient presentation, but as I looked around I couldn't help but notice that some patrons' selections were being served on large ceramic plates with portions to match.  I was confused.  I could only assume that they had opted for an upcharge for a Bucks Chopped Salad and ordered something that was actually a great value. Perhaps if I return some day, I'll figure it all out.

Lunch Action at the Bar

Bucks Tavern on Urbanspoon

Looks like some of the bucks in our neighborhood.

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