Thursday, December 6, 2012

Puffins Bistro & Desserts

Finally an Eastern European restaurant that hits all of the cuisine's highlights.

European Street Scene at Puffins Bistro & Desserts
      For a moment, I was sitting in a café outside the Musée d'Orsay.  The masterfully executed street scene on the wall inside Puffins Bistro & Desserts in Blue Ash set the mood.  The European influenced menu from the owner's mother and
grandmother provided the reason for my repeat visits.  

      I was immediately drawn to the dessert case, giving me ample warning to save room for at least one.  Next up were 
Place Your Order at the Counter
the Piroshkisbreads stuffed with meat and  vegetables.  Pairing a piroshki with one of the 4 daily soup options made a complete Eastern European lunch.  

Beef & Sauerkraut Puff and Wild Mushroom Soup
On my first outing that consisted of the Beef and  Sauerkraut Puff and the Wild Mushroom Soup.  The puff was densely filled with ground beef that was not overpowered by the sauerkraut or seasoning.  The soup was balanced as well.  A hard roll is served alongside the soup.  I was dining with 
Buffalo Chicken Puff
and Revolutionary Beef Soup
Carole and Karen,  who found their selections to be equally satisfying.  A patron kindly bought us a pumpkin cookie for the three of us to share.  It was a new dessert and he was obviously moved.  It was creamy from cookie to icing so I could understand his enthusiasm.  

Vegetable Puff with
Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Napoleon and Chocolate Eclair
      Eric's Mom, Carol, was visiting a week later and we introduced her to our find.  Carole joined us and they all found the fish shaped Smoked Salmon a delicate and mild stuffing for their puff.  Eric treated us to a Chocolate Eclair and Napoleon.  Both were worth the trip there, but the Napoleon in particular stuck in my memory.  Carol thought is was the best she had ever tasted, which was saying a lot since she has lived and traveled the world.  That's what baking from scratch will do!

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I could have sworn that a puffin was a bird…and I know my birds!

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