Friday, December 14, 2012

Chuy’s: Austin Legend Appears in Florence

With a relaxed, festive atmosphere and huge portions, this institution pulls in the crowds

The Ever-Present Elvis at the Bar
     While we were in Austin, Mara suggested that we all go to Chuy’s for dinner.  The original restaurant was famously where the Bush twins were busted for trying to buy drinks, though they were underage.  (Neil and I have a lot of respect for Jenna and what she’s been doing professionally so it’s a
lesson that younger adults get to make mistakes and move on).  There were signs that they’d card anyone under 30, but I didn’t witness anyone being asked for identification.  It’s an extremely popular restaurant that’s spawned a chain of thirty-five locations and has added one in Florence.

One of the Original
Dining Rooms

     The original looks its age and that’s a good thing since it lends it an air of authenticity.  
Chips and Salsas and Queso Dip

Chuy's Famous Rita—
the Frozen Version
The margaritas are famous and really good, though not better than those at Bakersfield in the Gateway Quarter.  The salsas that were served with chips were really good and especially the Queso Dip that Mara recommended.  The portions are enormous – neither Neil nor I could finish ours – and the Tex-Mex food is spicy.  I had the Special Burrito, which was redone with fajita beef when the actual protein had run out and Neil went for the Southwestern.  However, the server must have misheard John ordering corn, rather than flour, tortillas.  He brought the wrong ones and changed them, but acted as if John was at fault.  It was one of those times when a simple apology was all that was needed.  

The Burrito Special with Fajita Beef
The Southwestern— Chicken and Cheese
with Blue Corn Tortillas and Fried Egg
     The original Chuy’s feels like a stand-alone and I hope that the new outpost in Florence achieves that same ambience.  We have enough chains in the region.  It needs to show that it is a relaxed, fun place with good drinks and fun food.  Recently, Theresa and Chip had dinner there and they said that it’s doing just that.

Chuy's  on Urbanspoon
Chuy's on Urbanspoon

Hey look! That's my reflection in the hubcaps on the ceiling.

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