Saturday, October 27, 2012

They're Good to the Bones, Those Burgers

Bones Working the Chuck Wagon
      One might think at first that Bones' Burgers is just another juicy burger, and that's certainly true.  But factor in Bones, the founder and personality behind this mobile chuck wagon and you have a different story.  He's using some of the finest grass-fed beef available to our area and that makes his burgers a step above most.  He's also one of the friendliest guys you'll
ever come in contact with and that adds to the whole experience.  Bones is a brilliant marketer, which one can tell from looking at the food truck's location schedule.  It's not only the places, but the times that he's choosing.  Case in point, they're parked outside of Animations Bar in Oakley from 11 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  Sounds like he knows what his customers want.

1/4 LB. Burger with Swiss Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries
Veggie Burger and French Fries
      As for the burgers…they're really good with a wide selection of cheeses and toppings to add on.  Mine was the 1/4 pounder, nice and juicy but not overly greasy.  There are also a couple of featured burgers, turkey, and veggie as options.  Carole and Karen had the Veggie Burger and raved about its moistness and taste.  Donna ordered the Sweet Potato Fries to share as did Karen with the regular Potato Fries.  The sweet potatoes were seasoned with a chili spice, which all but Donna found to be a nice addition.  The regular fries came with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese and black pepper.  I felt the flavor of the cheese could have been a bit stronger, but the fries were thinly sliced and fresh.  The two orders were too much for the four of us to finish.

      Quality comes with a price and Bones' Burgers is no bargain.  But factor in its goodness and personality and you may find yourself returning again and again. 

Check out the story behind Bones'. Burgers and their location schedule at:
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That cow on the truck is pretty cute!

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