Wednesday, October 17, 2012

King Wok: An Extensive Menu at a Stalwart Clifton Destination

King Wok's Typical Chinese Interior
      Looking around at the range of restaurants on McMillan prior to attending a performance at CCM, the two of us, along with Marty and Michael, realized that King Wok was the most amenable of the choices available.  It was football season at UC and most of the bar restaurants were packed.  We wanted
a place to relax and converse, and King Wok would allow us to do so.

Crispy Duck
      We had met them at the restaurant about a year ago and the experience wasn't the greatest.  It was a rainy evening, we were running late, and the rest of the party were already present and eating.  The lighting was dim, the place was packed, and I chose Crispy Duck that turned out to be dry.  Fast forward a year and things were different.  Much brighter lighting and not as crowded, the quick and attentive service made it more attractive for taking it a little easier in dining.

Scallion Pancakes
      Michael ordered the Scallion Pancakes, a generous portion for an appetizer and one that can be shared around a table.  It’s a tasty, complexly seasoned dish, though a tad greasy.  Marty ordered the Hot Sour Soup while both Neil and I chose the Wonton Soup.  The two wontons in the light, almost springy broth were large and well made.  Marty liked the Hot Sour.  

Sesame Chicken
Egg Foo Young
      Michael enjoyed the Sesame Chicken and Marty swears by the Egg Foo Young; he had it with chicken and it looked really good, especially with the sauce that I rarely see served with the omelette in other restaurants.  

Moo Shu Pork
Neil really liked the Moo Shu Pork when we visited last year and looked forward to having it again on Saturday.  It’s a delicious dish with a rich sauce.  I wanted to go after one of the Chef’s Specials and picked Shanghai Udon Noodles with shrimp at random.  I’m glad I did because it’s a brightly colored and tangy flavored dish.  The noodles were tender and I think they’re home made.  

Shanghai Udon Noodles
      King Wok is unpretentious with a vast range of choices in terms of preparations, proteins, and both more Americanized as well as traditional Chinese dishes.  It’s worth stopping in when visiting Clifton.

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What's this?  I thought I was The King!

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