Friday, October 12, 2012

The Village Tavern Is "The" Place

The Village Tavern in Montgomery
      Finding different lunch spots can be a challenge, which is why we were so glad to find The Village Tavern online.  We were familiar with its location and intrigued by the menu items.  A fried stuffed burger? We weren't seeing that offered
everywhere.  So Karen, Anisha, and I headed to the corner bar and grill.

      I guess "The" Village Tavern differentiates itself sort of like "The" Ohio State University.  In fact, it resembled a watering hole you might find around a campus area.  The interior was on the dark side with plenty of spot lighting from the beer signs and TVs hung between sports paraphernalia.  Yes, it's a sports bar, but that's not all that's featured.  It also "sports" some pretty incredible food for a pub.

       We didn't see the fried stuffed burger on the menu so I questioned its MIA status.  Our server informed us that the menu had changed a couple of times since that was last updated and they were no longer offered.  A big sigh!  Karen and I were all set to share one of those wonders.  No fret!  There were others and we finally decided on the Chuck Norris Burger.  Our other choice for sharing was the Southwest Veggie Wrap and Anisha chose the Portobella Sandwich.  

Portobella Sandwich
The latter was a hit with her.  It was plump, marinated in red wine and garlic, then grilled and topped with fresh mozzarella.

The Chuck Norris Burger
The Chuck Norris was over the top(so appropriately named) with all its toppings hiding the juicy and properly cooked burger.  Served with field greens, bacon, and bleu cheese the surprise came with the addition of toasted almonds, dried cranberries, and a drizzling of balsamic vinaigrette.  The breads were exceptional on both sandwiches with the burger being served on a pretzel bun.  The veggie 
Southwest Veggie Wrap
wrap was more mainstream, but nevertheless a nice version with the avocado lime dressing.

      Good choices with great prices, The Village Tavern ran seamlessly that day with one enthusiastic server and a moderate crowd.  It deserves to build a bigger lunch following with that combination.

The Village Tavern on Urbanspoon

Sounds like a place where everyone could find something good to eat.

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