Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's Happening With Some of Our Favorite Restaurants

      We’ve recently visited some restaurants that we reviewed enthusiastically in the past.  Here are some additional notes:

Cumin – what started as Indian and then morphed into Indian/Northern Italian has now become ‘eclectic’ and we’re not sure what that means, but the Sunday Brunch Is excellent.  Each dish has a number of different twists on classics such as
the Benedict (pulled, smoked pork), the Croque Madame (a French sourdough) or Pancakes (with the bacon served between the flapjacks).

Croque Madame
Malted Smoked Almond Pancakes

Bakersfield – this deserves its buzz.  Passersby look in longingly at the sense of fun, especially if the line is stretching down the block.  Tacos are consistent and delightful, the Margaritas are a must (from someone who does not imbibe much), and the guacamole is better and unlike any other version in town.

Wunderbar! – nice bartender/host, terrific bread made in-house (as is everything else there), generous servings of freshly brewed iced tea, but the pork loin sandwich needs to be a permanent fixture on the chalkboard.  The beef brisket was tough and should not have been served at all.  Brisket should be sliced on the bias wafer thin and it should melt in the mouth.  It requires hours of slow cooking and if you can’t do that, drop it.

Next Chapter – our initial visits were great and consistent with food and service, but our last one ended with me walking out with 3 of our friends.  Both of our favorite offerings on the brunch menu had been eliminated leaving it lackluster, at best.  Everyone in the dining area was waiting for their food and service as there was only one server that seemed clueless.  I later found out he was the manager.  The final blow came when they couldn't find any cream (or milk) for our coffee.  Really!  What has happened to such a promising new venture?

Via Vite – the food is still excellent with top-notch service.  The soups and pastas are among the best in the region.  Its unique interior and view of Fountain Square makes it the crown jewel in the center of the Queen City. 

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