Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eva Longoria: You Just Earned My Respect

     “The Eva Longoria who worked at Wendy's flipping burgers—she needed a tax break.  The Eva Longoria who works on movie sets does not.”  With that line, Eva Longoria summed up the primary issue that could solve our economic woes.  I enjoyed Longoria on Desperate Housewives, but tired of the show because it didn’t go anywhere and wasn’t as trenchant as Sex and the City.  Longoria is the Co-Chair of the Committee to Re-elect the President so she isn’t as impartial as Clint Eastwood was initially last week.  Who knew that she had a job in college changing oil?  Many know that 2 out of 3 jobs are created by small businesses, but who knew that Obama has provided 18 tax cuts to them?  I’m glad to know it and I hope others are too.  Things that make you go . . . hmmm.


Anonymous said...

I agree! if Eva can get this, why is it so hard for so many other people with Ivy League educations!

Dexter said...

Well—I'm not to have any opinion, but that was exactly what I thought too!