Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Scott! German Fare and a Ghost on the East Side

Great Scott Entrance

      There's been a vacancy at Nick's Chops & Chasers in Oakley for several years now.  The Germanic atmosphere (including soiled carpet, awkward layout, and occasional fumes from the toilets) was as much a part of that establishment as the fabulous pastas and chops.  Originally built as Zimmerman Winery, the eccentricities were missed when it closed.

Old World Dining Room
Wood Paneled Pub

      Great Scott, with sister restaurants in Withamsville and Amelia, opened in early August.  We met Jan and Mike there hoping that at least the carpet had been disposed of.  It had, and we're all the better for the new wooden floor.  Walls have also been lightened up, but the pub look is still there with much of the paneling intact.  It's brighter overall while still retaining the charm of the original space.

      The menu is extensive with something for every taste.  Yes, it's that broad!  Prices are moderate and when we saw other patrons' dishes being served, we knew the portions were
large.  We focused on the German offerings, something that has been missing from Eastside menus.  Our server immediately established a commonality with Eric, joking and teasing her way through our menu questions.  It was funny at first, but soon revealed her inexperience with boundaries.  We drew our attention back to the menu and announced our various entrées to her.

Schnitzel Sandwich
      There's something about Schnitzel that implies heaviness, maybe because it sounds more like wintry fare.  I rarely lean toward ordering it, but the Schnitzel Sandwich sounded perfect, and it was.  It was lightly breaded, creamy, and tenderly dressed with tomato and shredded lettuce on Ciabata bread.  The German potato salad served as the side dish was cold, but nevertheless right on with al dente potatoes in a traditional sweet vinegar dressing.  

Yuengling Fish 'n Chips
Jan had the Yuengling Fish 'n Chips.  The fish was touted as being tilapia, but Jan wasn't completely convinced of that yet still enjoyed the lightness of the breading on the three generous pieces and the seasoned fries.  

German Wurst Dinner
Mike ordered the German Wurst Dinner—two long sausages of your choice (his being a bier wurst and meet) served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  He substituted a potato pancake in place of the mashed for an up charge.  The sausages were tender and flavorful atop the rich and dark sauerkraut.  He loves potato pancakes and while this wasn't the best he had ever had, it was a very good one.  Their variety was more like mashed potatoes formed into a cake and skillet fried the way my Mom would have made them.  

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu
Eric went with the Schnitzel Cordon Bleu, where the schnitzel was topped with grilled ham and melted bier cheese.  The menu stated it was served with spaetzel, but his arrived with German potato salad.  He was pleased with that.  The Fresh Vegetable was green beans that were slightly overcooked.

      Now for the ghost story.  There is one allegedly.  It's a "he" and he likes the morning manager, but tells the rest of the staff to "get out!".  Mike and Eric went downstairs where he purportedly resides, but there was no encounter for them.  I guess you'll just have to see (or feel) for yourself.

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Did someone see a ghost?

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