Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Uncanny Placement of Carl's Deli

SIdewalk Dining at Carl's Deli

      Think of the perfect deli.  Not the typical New York variety with kosher delicacies and obnoxious service, but a mid-western interpretation with family recipes and smiling faces behind the counter.  That's my vision and I found it at Carl's Deli in Hyde Park.  Off the beaten path of the square, it's in a tiny building on Observatory in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  It's quaint with a big city vitality.

      Jan and I were meeting for lunch.  She had checked out the online menu making up her mind with #1 on the chalkboard—a Roast Beef & Havarti with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a croissant.  The Pasta Salad was her side choice.  I noticed the meatloaf in the case when we entered and asked
if it was possible to get a Meatloaf Sandwich.  It was, and I chose to have it on the multi-grain bread supplied by Shadeau Breads.  The Broccoli Salad was my side.  There were plenty of drinks to choose from in the refrigerated case.  

Checking out the Deli Case
      We sat down at one of the inside tables (there's also sidewalk dining) and watched the well-oiled machine go to work.  It was in the form of two young women—one enthusiastically taking the orders and sharing duties with the other putting it all together.  The line was fairly constant with everyone being treated equally, even though it was obvious that some were more frequent patrons.  The store includes some traditional and upscale grocery items and even a cigarette display behind the counter.  It's like visiting an old friend in another time and place.

Roast Beef & Havarti with the Pasta Salad
      Jan was completely satisfied with her sandwich and salad.  The roast beef was tender and the pasta had a creamy dressing with a kick supplied by some spices.  

Meatloaf Sandwich and Broccoli Salad
My meatloaf was hearty with large pieces of green pepper giving it a distinctive taste.  The broccoli salad was made with dried fruits, bacon, and cheese. Very tasty!  I was eyeing the Coconut Cake on the counter, but after chatting for a bit after our lunch I decided I was too full.  Unfortunately, I'm still thinking about it!
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I had my own deli sandwich that day from the neighbor's yard.


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