Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kinda Weird…A Cincy Festival on the Fringe

     The Cincy Fringe Festival is in its 9th year and is pretty much run by Know Theatre's energetic staff and many volunteers.  (This would be a great time to support Know Theatre for bringing this type of experimental performance to our city, especially after the recent Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson).  The opening night party happens May 29 at the Know Underground, which is the bar area and performances
are scheduled at various venues in Over-the-Rhine from May 30 – June 9.  This is a change from the past and it means that audience members can move quickly from one show to the next.

     There are some great performances during this as well as interesting stuff and then things that shouldn’t be allowed in front of a paying audience, but somehow get on anyway.  A number of interesting performers are returning, though it also feels like a Fringe tour – some of the acts go from festival to festival so it doesn’t seem too attuned to the local talent.  And, honestly, the local talent has been the better to best in the past.  There is a transgender solo performer this year that will offer a unique perspective on the coming out/coming to terms with oneself that's been a mainstay of the Fringe.

     There is the 2nd Annual Fringe Next that focuses on teenaged performers, the Film Fringe at the Art Academy and the 22 1/2 Hour Play Project where participants will create from scratch, rehearse, and then perform a short work.  Groups will be assigned on June 4th at Know Theatre Underground and will perform Tuesday, June 5th at 10:30 p.m.

     Buy tickets either by going to or call 513-300-5669 or visit Know Theatre at 1120 Jackson Street by 2 p.m. the day of the show for an advance ticket.  Otherwise, you're taking your chances by arriving at the venue 30 minutes prior to the performance.  We arrived at a show with empty seats that was 'sold out' so we weren't  able to purchase tickets.  It was a disappointment so I know we'll avoid that problem this year. 

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